lauantai 13. marraskuuta 2010


I follow some newssites and sometimes I even comment on some political issues. When I was younger I thought that when I grow up I will have a certain solid view on those issues. That I could have a view and stick with it. Now I´m pushing forty and I still don´t know where I belong. Politics to me, like life, is so wonderful because every day is a new day with new issues. It´s so easy to change my mind about something if I need to. I think it would be not right to come up with an idea and then 15 years later, when I feel different, still feel the need to stick with that idea. That is not growing up. Some people think that a politician who changes a party is a deserter or something, but to me that is okay. He or she just can´t follow the same path anymore. What is wrong with that when I change my mind almost daily?

There are all these small parties in Finland. Like 10 parties and none of them have over 25% of the pie. Most of them have good issues, but none of them think about the big picture. It´s just playing with the details. Change a small issue there, cause a bigger disruption somewhere else seems to be the most common agenda. There is none that tries to work an issue from all sides. Some imply that they are yet it doesn´t look like that. That kind of approach is dead here. Maybe everywhere else too. It´s probably too complicated to handle but I can dream that it is possible.

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  1. Kiitos kommentistasi sivullani! Mistä lienet sinne eksynyt, olen melkoisen passiivinen siellä.
    Politiikasta olisi mukavaa uskoa meillä, että jos ne suuret asiat ovatkin melkoisen kunnossa, niin sitten pitää pikkumaisuuksissa pyöriä, mutta ei se taida valitettavasti ihan niinkään olla :)

    Beautiful skies there in Helsinki !

  2. To begin with, your photos are breathtaking, but then they always are, they just get more so with every posting! Gorgeous clouds and skies, superb, Pietari! Interesting to read your thoughts on politics and government and I feel very much the same way, but I'm sure you're not surprised at that. Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend with your family!


  3. Whoa! The cloud formation stuns me.

  4. Yes ideas do change over the years, and very occassionally I hear myself saying things that sound like the people I used to despise when I was in my twenties. I don't think my basic priciples have changed but I have a more world weary view of life and how nothing really changes that much-at the moment things in British politics are reminding me of the eighties. What I think about politicians is that good or bad(in my opinion) I would not want to do their job-and could not do it. So I admire them for that even if I don't agree with their views.
    Anyway, enough of politics-I love those clouds!

  5. Great photographs! It seems to me that there are too many people with too many fingers in the political pie to begin with, but that's just me. Cheers!

  6. I agree with you.
    I've been listening political discussions from YLE Areena.
    Big picture is lost. Most of the laws done recently are badly made. The whole government has failed.
    We need new, fresh, good life and work experienced politicians. They should also be able to understand about financial administration.
    All unemployed who are not well enough to get work should be out of the unemployment system and get pension and social benefits if needed.
    There's too much talk and too little action!
    Sorry. I stop now.
    Happy Sunday! :)

  7. Is the answer in the clouds? There's one lot which is all broken up into little bits, and another which follows a straight line towards the horizon. Profound.

  8. I think similar like you .. and the tendency to so many small parts can one already feel in our country too ... Your sky, your pictures ... just wonderful! ... and the older you get, the more it is estimated these impressions ... think I