tiistai 1. helmikuuta 2011

Old car

So now it has started. One day the cops followed me to the parking lot of my home. Then they asked me to blow to an alcohol meter. Then they told me some rules that I thought I had obeyed all right. Then they asked my drivers licence and registration. Maybe they thought that the car must be stolen since the owner drove to the parking lot of his own home. The car is 12 years old and it has some scratches on the side. Tiny accidents happened when I moved a lot of stuff around. Sure, I must be an alcoholic since I have scratches on my car. All the window watchers probably had a good show at my expense. I read that this police attention starts to happen on regular basis when the car is old enough. Especially at nights. The car is old but it doesn´t have much mileage behind. I think that there is a few good years ahead since the repairs were quite low this year. If I can only tolerate the embarrasing attention, or start saving now for a new one. Cars are an eternal money hole.