maanantai 20. joulukuuta 2010

My imaginary friend

I´m pretty happy these days even if it snows and it´s dark. I´m never out taking photos when there is light and even at 12 o´clock there is no light anyway. Still I sometimes get happy when I see my small imaginary friend peeking from the wall in a dark room. He always has this crooked smile even though nobody needs him to do anything. I never know if he is happy or if he is slightly sad. It´s like he knows a secret. Like Mona Lisa.  

keskiviikko 15. joulukuuta 2010

Winter lights

Every day morning lights.

Every year I´m asked to take a winter light photo in that rare moment when the trees and the sun meet in a beautiful way. That small lump of a branch in the front is not good but this will have to do.

perjantai 10. joulukuuta 2010

Out on the streets

...I hope the lights change soon now...

...oookay, now I just wait...

...where all these cars come from?..

...I need a car ...

tiistai 7. joulukuuta 2010


Pretty soon the snowmonsters will be alive
They will grow mouth, legs and hands
and start to prey on people
in the well lit bloody red darkness of the city

maanantai 6. joulukuuta 2010

My World, Suomenoja roundabout

Suomenoja roundabout in Espoo, Finland is one of the busiest roundabouts in Espoo. Over 30 000 cars go around it daily and thousands of pedestrians walk under the roundabout. It was opened in 19th Septmeber 2006. It received finnish communaltechnic award in 2008. The neighbourhood is mostly known around Espoo because it has many large and cheap stores that sell hardware, furniture, electronics, plants etc. Over 90% of the people see the roundabout and the artwork inside the roundabout from a car.

There is 4 monoliths that point to north, south, east and west. Pedestrians come to the roundabout from 4 intercardinal directions. This was a revelation to me as I have gone by hundreds of times by car but this was the first time on foot. The monoliths contain places that are in that direction. This is funny as this was the first time that I understood what the artwork was really about. Unfortunately I couldn´t find any info about the designers of the artwork. The texts are only in finnish but you can probably understand most of the places.

Taaltä etelaan - from here to south. I will leave all dots on top of a-alphabets off, as they don´t show right in every browser.

Taalta itaan - from here to east. All russian places except the first one.

Taalta pohjoiseen - From here to north. Yes, if you go far enough north you end up in Hawaii.

Taalta lanteen - from here to west. Oslo could have been there too, just to get one better known place.

This was my My World this week. More there.

keskiviikko 1. joulukuuta 2010


Light as a rock - Solid as a feather
Blue snow - White sky
Sunny winter - Dark summer
Today everything feels better upside down