maanantai 6. joulukuuta 2010

My World, Suomenoja roundabout

Suomenoja roundabout in Espoo, Finland is one of the busiest roundabouts in Espoo. Over 30 000 cars go around it daily and thousands of pedestrians walk under the roundabout. It was opened in 19th Septmeber 2006. It received finnish communaltechnic award in 2008. The neighbourhood is mostly known around Espoo because it has many large and cheap stores that sell hardware, furniture, electronics, plants etc. Over 90% of the people see the roundabout and the artwork inside the roundabout from a car.

There is 4 monoliths that point to north, south, east and west. Pedestrians come to the roundabout from 4 intercardinal directions. This was a revelation to me as I have gone by hundreds of times by car but this was the first time on foot. The monoliths contain places that are in that direction. This is funny as this was the first time that I understood what the artwork was really about. Unfortunately I couldn´t find any info about the designers of the artwork. The texts are only in finnish but you can probably understand most of the places.

Taaltä etelaan - from here to south. I will leave all dots on top of a-alphabets off, as they don´t show right in every browser.

Taalta itaan - from here to east. All russian places except the first one.

Taalta pohjoiseen - From here to north. Yes, if you go far enough north you end up in Hawaii.

Taalta lanteen - from here to west. Oslo could have been there too, just to get one better known place.

This was my My World this week. More there.

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  1. Love your post as always, Pietari, and marvelous captures for a great look at your world! You are branching out with your photography and it just keeps getting better and better. Makes for a great visit! Thanks! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Enpä ole noita opastauluja ennen nähnytkään.
    Kauas on pitkä matka todellakin.

  3. Awesome photos, Chrome. I love your new Cloudbusting.

  4. That's a neat idea! And I like how it's only obvious if one takes the time to slow down, walk through, and pay attention. Cheers!

  5. Hey, perfect pictures!! ... and I think Hawaii is a really good idea ...( so for 4 weeks)...

    It is not strange that we wait until we are walking, exercise many things right?

    a good idea to perceive one's own point!

    have a wonderful week my friend :))


  6. Cool pics of an unusual roundabout!

  7. Very interesting! Your pictures are stunning.

  8. Great entry. I love that description of each direction (up to 16674km)!!! I do admire a sense of humor(?). Yes, planet Earth is sphere!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. what a great way to use this space. we all need a little art in our world everyday - keeps life interesting.
    Glad you took the walk and shared your discovery with us.

  10. This is great - too bad you can only really see it when walking. Interesting selection of distances - Darfur!?

  11. It is interesting, and touching, the amount of care that has gone into the roundabout-and a shame most people never see it up close. I like roundabout art-the best thing we had locally here for years was two sumo wrestlers on a tiny roundabout in Lewisham. My current favourite is a pair-or possibly three-of intertwined and beautifully mosaiced fishes.

  12. Very interesting descriptions and views from your place.