keskiviikko 24. marraskuuta 2010


There is one totally harmless thing that drives me crazy. It´s the paper bag eaters. There are these greasy pastries or cakes that people buy and they put them in paper bags in the shop. Then these people come to bus and start rustling with the paper bags. They take the pastry out (HRRRRORR RRHHHHHHH KKKKRRR) and then they start to munch the pastry (KKKR RRRROOOHHHHH HHRRRR) and with every bite they keep on rustling the paper bag noisily. Eating is forbidden in a bus but that doesn´t stop them. They keep the paper bag on, so that there wouldn´t be so much clutter. I would usually eat these pastries with few bites but these people keep on munching the paper bag pastry longer than average. Dozens of bites really slowly with maximum rustle. (KKKRRRR HHHRRRR SSSRRR) Somehow they want all the other people to enjoy their paper bag pastries too. I´ve also had many co-workers at work who were paper bag eaters. At lunchtime they start the rustling and it climaxes when they make a ball out of the bag. (KKRRR HHHRRRR TTTTRRR) Longer it takes the better. Don´t even get me started on paper bag candy in a movie. People usually try to keep the eating noises down in public, but paper bag rustling is okay. I don´t know why.

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  1. That is frustrating, isn't it? I have to take a bus this morning and I'm not looking forward to it! The streets are still a mess from the snow so the buses will be late and at the time I'm taking one, all of the mentally/physically questionable passengers (that doesn't include me, you understand!) will be doing all manner of things to make you wish you could have walked or better still, stayed home!! Ah, Pietari! You started my day with just the kind of complaints I needed!! Now I don't feel like such a mean old broad and will be able to deal with the bus ride today!! Hope, other than the buses, your week is going well!!


  2. And I thought that I was the only person who had this paper bag rustling as a pet hate- A good observation + another brilliant sky.

  3. Great observation, this should be put up in buses so that others can read it. :)
    Great sky shot.

  4. I hate pizza boxes in the bus. They make me hungry and angry!

    I hate people who eat in the movies. I'd like to offer them Saarioisten maksalaatikkoa to take the hunger away.
    Movies fulfill all your senses, it's absurd to have to eat.

    Thank you, now I feel much better.

  5. oh, don't i know what you mean!but what really pisses me off is people on their cellphones, shouting their lifes away anywhere, restaurants, public places, buses, subway, shops, whatever. the only place they are discreet (kind of) is at school, because cellphones are forbidden (but all the kids bring them, there's apparently no way to enforce the ban...).

  6. Haha! I am always so self-conscious about rustling paper bags. I don't do it on the bus, though. Only occasionally in the library. On behalf of the paper bag eaters, I am sorry.

    Also, just rediscovered your blog/photos after I don't know how long. Haven't updated my blog in ages, but I am on flickr now. Highly recommended (i think your photos deserve it :) ). Hope things are well in your corner of the world (paper bag eaters aside)!

  7. Now, i also have to take the bus to get to work.. but u know i actually like it! i have been thinking that i should move downtown again, and walk the streets to get home/ work. From the place im living now i can see the city from a further distance and i also enjoy that :)