sunnuntai 7. marraskuuta 2010


I missed the first 2 hailstorms of the winter today
I didn´t exactly miss them as I was out standing in the middle of them
for 5 minutes or so for both
I just didn´t have my camera with me and I was so disappointed
Better be prepared next time

9 kommenttia:

  1. What a glorious way to begin a day, Pietari! And what a superb, breathtaking capture! Love the colors of the skies and clouds! Hope you have a lovely evening and a great week ahead!!


  2. I slept, had a nap that lasted for quite a while.
    Don't care. There'll be new hailstorms, I'm afraid and sure.

    Pink clouds are somehow so comforting.

  3. I thought they were orange. Pink is okay too.

  4. brightens any incoming day or night.

  5. aww! too bad but I see you made up for it with this lovely shot & it even looks like there is a UFO in the sky too.

  6. The camera will probably not have missed to be used in the hail and we got a golden sky that ... so everything has its good!

  7. First hailstorm here on Tuesday and I was out for a run when it came on. Also minus my camera.