lauantai 8. lokakuuta 2011


The brave new Espoo
rises to the morning light of a new weekend
The fishermen are busy on the cool still sea
looking for the next catch
What a glorious saturday this will be!

7 kommenttia:

  1. The sun was warm today. I sat at the Railway Square, amazed by the sudden light and warmth.

    Reflections in your image are beautiful.

  2. Stunning-and beautiful words too.

  3. What a beautiful photograph. Your words capture the sense of anticipation in the atmosphere!

  4. It does indeed look like a glorious day and what a fantastic capture, Pietari!! The reflections are awesome! Your photos just keep getting better and better -- and I thought they were terrific to start with all those many months ago! Hope you're enjoying a terrific weekend!


  5. oh yes, what a beautiful, peaceful and bright golden atmosphere ... everything seems to be possible on such a day

    warm hugs

  6. Upea kuva. Kyllä Espoo on kaunis paikka asua, sanoo jotkut sitten mitä vaan. Harvoin tosin pääsee näkemään miljöötä mereltä käsin.