lauantai 6. elokuuta 2011

Cloudbusting2-26 Hanko In the summer

Hanko is my summer town. Every year I visit there for a day or two, sometimes 3. Only in july when the sun shines all the time. This year there was a lot of construction sites going on. The shouts of estonian construction workers was all over the beach. These days estonian workers are everywhere, as finnish labour is too expensive.

The prices of the new apartments are a bit hefty. 5500 euros for 1m2 is what something costs in a big city like Helsinki. Hanko is just a small town with a population less than 10 000.

Hanko watertower and church. Eternally sweeped by the fresh sea air and basking in the sunshine of the sunniest place in Finland.

Everybody´s gone from the beach in midnight. Only swans remain.

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  1. Your last shot is just perfect...


  2. I haven't been to Hanko this summer, lukily I remember days gone by.

    That last photo has an interesting feeling in it, somewhat threatening.

  3. What a marvelous visit to Hanko you've taken us on, Pietari! Terrific captures and such lovely skies! I don't think there is any such thing as "inexpensive" any more!! Sad times they are! Hope your weekend is going well!


  4. Wow, is that last shot really at midnight?
    Ah, European migration. Estonians to Finland, Poles to Scotland.

  5. Real estate prices have soared all over. Great captures of your world.

  6. Many thanks for letting us accompany you !! I love the soft light in your Midsummer nights ...all things looks so calm and peaceful. I guess I would not go to sleep, but only look and wonder all night long

    wish you wonderful week and my warmest thanks for your so nice comments on my blogs.


  7. Beautiful photographs, my friend.

  8. Such beautiful photographs, thank you. Amazing to see how light it is at midnight - and I love the feathery clouds. "Mares' tails" as they're called sometimes in Britin!