keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011


I have been waiting
for a divine inspiration
like a sun coming out behind a dark forest
It´s not coming and I´m too fixed on my ways
like a bus on it´s route
endlessly going the same round every day
So I might as well do what I can do

9 kommenttia:

  1. This is breathtaking, Pietari! Gorgeous skies and the sun coming through the trees! Superb composition! I love it -- as always!


  2. What a beautiful photo - looks like you got your divine inspiration!

  3. Great composition.....super sky.


  4. I love the composition of your picture and the beautiful evening light in the sky and repeated in the bus light.
    Yes-I thought of get out of jail free too!

  5. This looks like one of these test centres for bus drivers - all junctions and short bits of road leading nowhere.

  6. The colours are still quite nice.

  7. This is cool, the color of th bus matches the sky. There's a lot of creativity in Espoo and I'm sure you're quite near that divine inspiration.

  8. great shot:the buses departing, the softly coloured dawn behind the gloomy forest, the junction amidst the snow...
    (mind you, one of these days one of those buses will turn left instead of right!)