torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

Sky Watching Angry Birds

Who's that flying big yellow birdy up there?

Hey, it's them wacky Angry Birds!

Of course there has to be the green pig with the eggs as well. Scenes from the new Angry Birds-park in Suurpelto, Espoo.

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tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012

Our World- Egeskov, Denmark

Hot sunny july
Hi-tech folding chairs
A super golden egg
Geometrically shaped bushes everywhere the eye can see
...bush trimmer and lawn mower must be the most common tools of Denmark

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torstai 9. elokuuta 2012

Cloudbusting2-40-Sky Watch Friday

Symphony for the darkness of summer 2012 with three minor chords.

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tiistai 7. elokuuta 2012

Our World Tuesday, Monsted Kalkgruber

In the blinding july summer waiting for the minetrain to get me to the Monsted kalkgruber. It is a 1000 year old limestone mining cave in northern Jutland near Viborg, Denmark (google maps). The pipes in this photo were used for lime burning.

In the warm summer day the mouth of the tunnel feels like it's breathing cold damp air right at this moment when the minetrain approaches the cave. The temperature inside the cave is always 8 C / 46 F. If you are familiar with visiting caves, then you know this same temperature applies to all caves. Unlike new mines, this historical mine is quite near the surface.

First there is a multimedia presentation about the history of lime and Denmark projected to the cave walls.

Then it's about time to walk around the mine. There is 2 kilometers of lit and fixed pathways. The total length of the caves is about 60 km, making this the largest lime stone cave in the world. These caves are also the home to 10,000 bats. The bats, however, are not at home during spring and summer. In my opinion the caves were unexpectedly large, airy and easy to walk. They say that visits are possible even for disabled with wheelchairs for some parts of the mine. I didn't feel cold either as there was a lot of walking around up and down.


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torstai 2. elokuuta 2012

Cloudbusting2-39, Sky Watch Friday, Mennesket ved havet

Mennesket ved havet (Men by the sea) is a monumental sculpture in Esbjerg, Denmark. It was done by Svend Wiig Hansen. The sculpture was completed in 1994 for the 100-year celebrations of Esbjerg. The height of the sculptures is 9 meters (29 feet).

The sculpture has a beautiful place by the North Sea and it's relaxing to sit on the legs of the sculptures and share their view out to the ocean and the rapidly changing skies of coastal Denmark.

The paint on the legs of the sculptures have worn out as many people have been sitting here.

Näytä suurempi kartta
The location of the sculpture in Google Maps


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